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(Did you know that it can EASILY cost $100,000+ to develop an app? These prices are a STEAL!)
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Personalize your app with your brand, pictures, color schemes and links
Engage your patients and use your app as a marketing tool for acquiring new patients
Growth and Success 
Review your customized dashboard to analyze patient conversions and usage
YES, You DO Need an App 
Here's Why
Attract New Patients 
Attract new patients to your practice by letting them "test drive" your services. Our assessment feature provides patients with light stretches and exercises based their symptoms. This free offering has been shown to convert prospective patients.
Improve Compliance
Improve your patient outcomes (and your bottom line) by improving patient compliance through our app features specifically tailored for keeping patients coming back.
Build Community 
Stay connected with your patients and give them instant access to your clinic, ensuring they receive the best experience possible while also growing your brand.
(Did you know that it can EASILY cost $100,000+ to develop an app? These prices are a STEAL!)
Okay so I need an app, why KaizenovationTech?
Here's the "DEAL"
You give the best care to your patients, so you deserve the team that will take care of you. We've been there before and figured it out. We'll save you money, share our knowledge, and walk with you as you grow your practice.

By Chiros for Chiros

We KNOW our product works in chiropractic clinics because that's where it was designed and what it was designed for: to fulfill clinic needs

Fraction of the Price

Custom mobile app development STARTS at 6 figures and goes way up. We're offering you everything for over 100% less. We've made sure our plan is affordable for any chiro

With you every step

We don't just develop your app to your custom specifications, we help you implement it in your clinic, train your staff and drive a return on your investment
Meet Your Patients Where They Are 
"U.S. adults spend 3.5 hours PER DAY on mobile devices."
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What our "trailblazers" have to say
For those that have already implemented their Private Practice App, the results are apparent. 
      "As an owner of two practices, I’m always looking for ways to stay front and center in the communities we serve. For us, a practice app was the next step. After working with our marketing consultant, we were about to embark on the expense of having an app developed and man am I glad we didn’t. It can be outrageously expensive and many “off the shelf”  apps have limited functionality and have to be modified greatly to work for a practice. I couldn’t believe it when Dr. Jay Greenstein from KaizenovationTech  called to tell me he had started an APP company and it had FAR more functionality than I could have wished for. It was as if he was sitting at the table with me and our marketing team and took our ideas, brought them to life, and then took it to another level. If you want to  help keep patients on track with their care, stimulate new referrals to the clinic, patient payment and scheduling options, exercises, store fronts and even more, there’s an APP for that! He and his team have been awesome to work with and there is no doubt this will keep us in the forefront of our patients and the general public’s mind. Great job to the team at KaizenovationTech!"
        - Ray Foxworth, owner Foxworth Chiropractic, CEO ChiroHealthUSA
STILL Skeptical?
Those on the fence, this is for you...

We get it - there’s no shortage of software providers and marketing ‘experts’ who say they can transform your practice with a new program or back-end solution. 

What they don’t realize is our industry is unique. There’s no experience quite like running your own chiro practice. When you find a great solution that actually works for your practice, you want to tell your colleagues. 

You may be thinking, “That’s great, but this is your app. I don’t have an app.” 
Not yet, and that’s why our team wants you to test drive our app. We created an entire infrastructure of app development specifically for chiros. When we started building and iterating our app, we recognized the tremendous value of a great app for chiros all over the world. 

We took our app infrastructure, created a customizable setup, and built a team to implement your ideas into an app that fits your practice needs like a glove. 

We believe in creating a great solution so many practices need. Give our app a test drive, and just imagine what your own app can look like with our team implementing your ideas at a price point that makes sense for you. 

Happy test drive. 

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